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Welcome to taste the lights, taste the action, taste the fame, a fansite/fanlisting for the incredible animated series Home Movies starring Brendon Small, H.Jon Benjamin, and Melissa Bardin, approved by thefanlistings.

When I first watched Home Movies I couldn't believe there was a show like this on tv! Finally a show that was intelligent, witty, and hilarious! I was hooked!

Although the show ended after four seasons, they were four great seasons, full of wonderful episodes. I miss the show, but watching reruns and dvds is still the best time.


 Arnold Lindenson  Bob Belcher  Brendon Small  Coach John McGuirk  Dwayne  Fenton Mulley  Gene Belcher  Jason Penopolis  Junior Addleburg  Ken Addleburg  Linda Belcher  Linda Small  Melissa Robbins  Mr. Bean  Paula Small  Ronald Lynch  Tina Belcher  Walter & Perry

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