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Welcome to my fanlisting addiction... um, I mean fanlisting collective :)

What is a fanlisting?
A fanlisting is just that... a listing of fans.

I have been creating fanlistings since 2003 after the discovery of them @ thefanlistings.org. I took a few breaks, but realize I miss having them, so I keep coming back.

Music, Movies, Books, Authors, and Animation are among the many topics my fanlistings cover. I love many things, and if those things are available I apply.

All of my fanlistings are listed @ thefanlistings. My collective is listed @ linklane.net and nerdlistings.


the credits & numbers

This lovely fanlisting collective was established on 6 September 2003, is owned and designed by Kristina, of ravenbeauty[dot]net & kristinadeedesign[dot]com, maintained using Enthusiast, with all fanlistings approved by The Fanlistings network.

Currently I own 653 fanlistings (+ 0 upcoming) with 2389 total approved fans (+ 7 pending). I also join many fanlistings, I'm currently a member of 377 fanlistings :)

Kristina loves to design and blog and fanlist and obsess.

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