m y . w i s h l i s t

I adore many things, being a fanatic and all, but sometimes those things are not available on The Fanlistings... So I have wishes...

Hello Kitty { Category - Toys/Collectibles }

My first favorite anything. She was just the cutest thing I ever saw, and still is. I first saw her in a hardware store, on a shelf devoted to her for all the little girls (and boys) while the parents bought boring stuff. I absolutely love her and have a big collection of Hello Kitty merch. I would love, love, love to own this listing!

New Kids on the Block { Category - Musicians: Bands/Groups }

My first favorite musical group. My first crush. My fondest memories of childhood obsession and adult obsession, as they blessed us with a reunion! I would love to own this fanlisting.

The Golden Girls { Category - TV Shows }

My first ever favorite television show! I love these ladies! I watch this show daily. I have seen each episode at least twenty times. I just rewatch and rewatch and never tire of Dorothy, Rose, Blanche and Sophia! I will quote the show in everyday conversation proudly! These ladies are fierce, beautiful, and full of life.

Stephen King { Category - Authors/Writers }

My favorite author ever is Mr. King. His stories are fascinating, and the journey requires that you enter his imagination. I love following his characters' journeys and am sad to see them go at the end of the story.

Doctor Who { Category - TV Shows & Characters: TV }

My daughter introduced me to The Doctor and I have been devoted to the mad man in a box ever since! My favorite doctor is David Tennant's portrayal as 10. But I also loved 9, 11, and now 12. So I can't really definitely decide. They all bring such different energies to the role. I guess I love them all.

Supernatural { Category - TV Shows }

I became a Supernatural junkie over the summer when I watched 10 seasons and wondered why the heck I haven't been watching this show since 2005. I am giddy over this show and the characters rock! Love Dean. Love Sam. Love Castiel (the most I think). Love Bobby. Love. Love. Love.

The X-Files { Category - TV Shows }

One of my first favorite television shows. From the very first episode, this show made a big impact on me and the genre as a whole. This show is intriguing, exciting, and mesmerizing. I love Mulder and Scully to death.