the characters : teachers & bosses

Coach McGuirk, Mr. Lynch & Mr. Lindenson

The teaching & university staff...

Coach John McGuirk, the soccer coach, is both humorous and depressing, but in a funny way. He is more than just a coach to the kids though. He helps out Brendon as much as he can, even playing parts in movies. Against his will, at times. He attends parties and activities, drunk, hungover, however. But in the end he is a pretty okay guy.

Mr. Lynch, the fourth grade teacher, seeking volunteers for activites, catching the bad kids, and being forced into friendship with McGuirk. He is a quiet, intelligent guy who loves cats...

Mr. Lindenson, Paula's boss at the university... He's odd... Quirky. Clumsy. Strange. He calls Brendon a girl... He drinks wine from boxes. And well, he's upbeat even in bad situations, and he's repetitive and he overexplains his instructions. But really, he's odd, and he's hilarious to watch.

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