the characters : friends & family

Dwayne, Walter & Perry, The Addleburgs

Various friends, neighbors, etc. Quirky and strange, but we love them all!

Dwayne, Brendon's neighbor, a musician. He pursues his music dreams in the face of parental upset and punishment. He is a cool laid back guy who enlists Brendon's help in music videos, and also helps out Brendon with music for his movies.

Walter & Perry, classmates, friends, more... Walter and Perry are inseperable, and questionable. They participate in activities together and plan a future together. They can be annoying, but are pretty funny...

The Addelbergs, Junior and his dad, Mr. Addelberg is a highly trained individual who can perform any job, he is always popping up at various occasions in different capacities: butcher, florist, hotel manager, etc. And Junior is involved in his scout troop, and various school activities, he is just like his dad, and was the subject of teasing...

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