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Brendon, Melissa, & Jason

These three characters are the heart of the show. They are three 7-8 year olds who make movies. They attend school, play soccer, and are most always together doing something.

Brendon Small is the director of their various projects, drawing from life, movies, and his own creative genius. He lives with his mother Paula, and his baby sister, Josie. His parents are divorced, and he has some weekends with his father. But a broken home life doesn't consume the plot of the show. Brendon is well-adjusted, bright and very mature for an eight year old, as are his friends, for the most part :)

Brendon's soccer coach is always engaged in riveting conversations with the team and Brendon and Melissa in particular. The topics of discussion are hilarious between them. Coach McGuirk is a father figure to Brendon, a dysfunctional one...

Melissa is an intelligent girl with a sense of humor to match, she isn't too insecure about things, but some tend to forget she is a girl, until another boy (outside of her two best friends) notices her as a girl, or she notices a boy. She lives with her father, Erik, and he also tries to feminize her when he thinks she's turning into a boy, which is hilarious, but he loves her and is proud of her.

Jason is a little bit odd, but funny. He also has moments of intelligence that others pretend not to notice. He is well off, noting guest rooms and country clubs. His parents seem less involved in his life, not in the show at all, and he doesn't know their names... And he had yet to share who Brendon and Melissa are, until a storm hit and he had to let them know he was all right. He is an interesting character, right down to his candy addiction!

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