about the show

Dead Like Me premiered in 2003 on Showtime and aired for two seasons. The plot of the show centered around a group of "undead" grim reapers who were chosen upon death to take souls. They are all still haunted by their former lives, lost loves, opportunities, and loved ones. Much of the show centers on the recent death of George Lass who goes from thinking life is unfair to accepting her role as a reaper.

Georgia Lass

Georgia Lass (portrayed by Ellen Muth) is recruited by Rube after she is hit by a toilet seat plummeting to earth resulting from a space station explosion. She is just 18 and has yet to fulfill any dreams or goals. However, she didn't appear to be too motivated to do any of that anyway.

Rube Sofer

Rube Sofer (portrayed by Mandy Patinkin) is the "boss" of the grim reaper crew, he hands out the post-it soul assignments: first initial, last name, place, and ETD (estimated time of death). He suffers his own demons, keeps them to himself, and follows and expects a firm set of rules.

Roxy Harvey

Roxy Harvey (portrayed by Jasmine Guy) is a "no bullshit, tell it like it is" lady. She begins as a meter-maid and then goes through the academy and becomes a police officer. Although she is blunt, she cares and offers advice and clarity when her fellow reapers (and friends) are going through hard times. She is of amazing strength and character, and she won't stand down.


Mason (portrayed by Callum Blue) is the questionable character of the bunch, who makes bad decisions and instead of the "straight and narrow" opts to choose the easy (and illegal) alternative. He gets into many bad situations this way, but he still has a good heart and tries to be there for his friends, often giving them what they need unexpectedly.

Daisy Adair

Daisy Adair (portrayed by Laura Harris) is an actress, full of stories of many men who had the pleasure of knowing her. She may appear shallow at first, but she is lost and longs for a life she never got to have. She is kind in her way and tries to make good on her situations.

Betty Rhomer

Betty Rhomer (portrayed by Rebecca Gayheart) is only on the show for five episodes, but she is a force. She is full of life and appears fearless, and always wants something more. She eventually becomes tired of her life as a reaper and follows a soul.

Joy Lass

Joy Lass (portrayed by Cynthia Stevenson) is George's mother and gives the impression of being cold and harsh. She is simply a strong woman who likes to have her life in order. She wants the best for her daughters and isn't afraid to express opinions. She and her youngest daughter Reggie grow close after George's death and her husband's affair and divorce. They learn to lean on each other and honor George's memory together.

Reggie Lass

Reggie Lass (portrayed by Britt McKillip) is George's sister. When George was alive she did all she could to ignore her little sister and was always kicking her out of her room. They shared a few good moments on vacation when they were fishing together. Although Reggie doesn't feel like she really knew George in life, she tries to connect to her in death. She builds a shrine to her by hanging stolen toilet seats in a tree and she also clings to her sister's belongings.

Delores Herbig

Delores Herbig (portrayed by Christine Willes) is George's (to her she is Millie) perky and positve boss, who casually shares interesting details about her life and tries to lure Millie (Georgia) out of her shell and give her new responsibilities. She has a fondness for cats and scrapbooking. She loves to show her employees she cares and throws wonderful going away parties.


Crystal (portrayed by Crystal Dahl) is a deadpan character, she shows little to no emotion and she appears to see everything. She can sneak up on you and quietly sabotage her peers. She was once in the office early when George's group of reapers needed to use the office computers. She eagerly helped.


Kiffany (portrayed by Patricia Idlette) is a waitress at Der Waffle House where the reaper gang like to hang out and meet before they are handed out their assignments. She likes her job, likes that it's simple and she tries to be helpful when needed outside of serving.