about the movie

Six years after the series ended, a Dead Like Me movie was released in 2009. In the film, Rube has moved on and the reaper group are introduced to their new "boss" Cameron Kane (portrayed by Henry Ian Cusick) who is not so interested in helping souls move on.

Much of the cast returns, Ellen Muth as George, Callum Blue as Mason, Jasmine Guy as Roxy, Christine Willes as Delores, Crystal Dahl as Crystal, and Cynthia Stevenson as Joy. However, instead of Laura Harris as Daisy, we have Sarah Wynter.

With the new boss comes chaos, and the ones in need of the most guidance are quickly lost to their own devices, while George reconnects with Reggie through a friendship.


Ellen Muth ... George Lass
Callum Blue ... Mason
Sarah Wynter ... Daisy
Jasmine Guy ... Roxy Harvey
Britt McKillip ... Reggie Lass
Christine Willes ... Delores Herbig
Cynthia Stevenson ... Joy Lass
Henry Ian Cusick ... Cameron Kane
Crystal Dahl ... Crystal