t h e . l a y o u t s

I love to design layouts, which is part of the reason I love applying for and making fanlistings. I get a chance to create new graphics and designs. I haven't changed the design/layout for The Fantom nearly as much as I have my personal sites in the past, but this is more a time constraint than anything else, as I have to adult now...

Hello Kitty with a Twist of Lemon


My second layout, featuring my very favorite Hello Kitty. I've loved Hello Kitty since childhood, having first seen it at a hardware store of all places, while my dad was buying supplies. I love her so much that I couldn't move away from her with the new layout, as you can see.

Know Your Mushroom


My first layout featuring a mushroom from the Super Mario Bros. game series. I'm a big fan of Classic Nintendo and the Mario series was the first games I played, (next to Duck Hunt). My favorite colors at the time were red and black, so everything I favored went into this layout.