psych : i've heard it both ways

Psych is a hilarious television comedy series that aired on the USA Network for 8 seasons (from 2006-2014). It starred James Roday as Shawn Spencer (fake psychic detective) and Dule Hill as Burton "Gus" Guster (grown up with real job). The show centered around cases being solved by this duo and the crazy shenanigans they cooked up.

There were many themed episodes patterned after 80s movies, shows, and trends. Some of the most memorable were "Dual Spires" (Twin Peaks), "100 Clues" (Clue), and "Tuesday the 17th" (Friday the 13th). The episodes "Dual Spires" and "100 Clues" featured the original actors from the series and movie.

And of course, who can overlook the musical episode that brought us some hilarious songs and dance numbers and informed us Santa Barbara is the murder capital of the world! ;)

Paired with Shawn and Gus, are the "real" detectives Carlton Lassiter portrayed by Timothy Omundson and Juliet O'Hara portrayed by Maggie Lawson. The police chief Karen Vick portrayed by Kirsten Nelson, Shawn's father Henry Spencer portrayed by Corbin Bernson, and the comical coronor Woody Strode portrayed by Kurt Fuller round out the regular cast.

This show featured brilliant writing and comedy. The actors were brilliant in their roles and created unforgettable dialogue and catch phrases. I so miss this amazing show!