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Warning!!! Spoilers Follow!!!

In the television series Psych, the story is set around a case being solved by childhood friends Shawn Spencer (fake psychic detective) and Burton "Gus" Guster (grown up with real job).

Supporting these two in solving cases are detectives Juliet O'Hara and Carlton Lassiter. Carlton is a serious, by the book, detective who quickly grows impatient with Shawn's antics and dismisses his efforts. He is quick to point out what real police work entails and is often irritated when Shawn is invited and paid to be on a case.

Carlton comes to be known as "Lassie" to Shawn and Gus, and over the course of the show, he develops friendships with them but still holds onto his sharp wit and hard demeanor. He is always quick with his standards in the form of "I'd rather..." I'd rather shower with a bear. I'd rather spend the rest of my life at Lilith Fair. I'd rather marry a vegan. I'd rather adopt a child.

Carlton hasn't been lucky in love. While he hoped he and is wife would reconcile, she serves him divorce papers. He becomes involved with his partner Lucinda and has a brief affair with a parole officer he doesn't call back, he reaps the consequences of this later on...

He eventually meets and falls in love with Marlowe, a woman he encounters during a case. She is eventually identified as the perpetrator and he is forced to arrest her. Their relationship grows despite her prison sentence, and upon release, he soon marries her and they have a child.

Carlton is entertaining in a "to the point" sarcastic way that makes him likeable despite his hard edges. He is a great detective, who survives many ups and downs and eventually becomes chief.