about georgia lass (aka george, aka millie)

Georgia Lass (portrayed by Ellen Muth) is recruited by Rube after she is hit by a toilet seat plummeting to earth resulting from a space station explosion. She is just 18 and has yet to fulfill any dreams or goals. However, she didn't appear to be too motivated to do any of that anyway.
(from my Dead Like Me fanlisting)

Georgia (aka George) had a complicated relationship with her family. She distanced herself from her father after the denial of a pet dog. She was at constant disagreement with her mother. And she ignored her little sister. These strained relationships made everything much harder upon her death.

George continued to check in on her family, trying to look after them and care for them in ways she had not done in her life. She tried to help her little sister, by leaving her things. She tried to comfort her mother as well, by speaking with her at a yard sale and by leaving her clues of herself in death. Georgia even encountered her father through an affair he would begin with a "friend" she had made while reaping.

Although George had trouble letting go, she eventually learned many things about life through her death. She adapted to a job and coworkers. She grew close with her "reaper club". And most of all, she grew up and dealt with the adulthood of death by living her new life as best she could.