c h a r a c t e r s

Mr. Bean:
   The star of the show... Mr. Bean is a man who lives in a boarding house with his friend Teddy (a stuffed animal bear) and the occasional pet, whenever the mood and opportunity strikes him. He is a selfish yet loveable character who gets himself into the most hilarious situations.

   A stuffed animal bear who is Mr. Bean's friend and family. He is treated like a live person, and even treated a bit nicer than Mr. Bean treats real people. Teddy was lost once, and that broke Mr. Bean's heart. And Teddy manages to get very dirty, and Mr. Bean takes him to the cleaners now and again...

Mrs. Wicket:
   She is Mr. Bean's landlady. She is always ready with something for Mr. Bean to do. Chores and grocery shopping. She's had occasion to throw him out. She cherishes a mean cat named Scrapper, whom Mr. Bean hates, and takes delight in bothering.

   Mrs. Wicket's cat, who enjoys lazy days and seeing Mr. Bean have horrid days. He's been lost, chased, replaced, and found again... Much to Mr. Bean's dislike...

   Irma is Mr. Bean's girlfriend... maybe, sort of, kind of, maybe... girlfriend. Mr. Bean isn't the best boyfriend to have, but Irma tries to get him to be a good one.

Mr. Bean's Car:
   Always ready for an adventure. Driving, parking, and always running into that little blue car with three wheels...

The Three Wheeler:
   That little blue car... with three wheels... always seems to be in Mr. Bean's path. Mr. Bean in his little car, never skips an opportunity to bump the three wheeler into some sort of mess.