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   Mr. Bean the Animated Series first aired on January 25, 2002 with the episode In The Wild / Missing Teddy. Mr. Bean is the creation of Rowan Atkinson and Richard Curtis, and was first a television show that ran from 1990 to 1995.

   The character of Mr. Bean in both the live action show and the animated show is portrayed by Rowan Atkinson who describes Mr. Bean as childlike, selfish, and unaware of others' needs, yet he still posesses a quality that makes him likeable.

   Rowan Atkinson has also said that Mr. Bean had a cartoon-like quality and when in the creative process during the original Mr. Bean show they often pictured him as an animated character. So an animated show seemed a plausible step.

   The animated series is a wonderful and worthy follow-up to the live action show. And I found it very entertaining and extremely funny. They did a wonderful job animating Mr. Bean. He is, in all aspects, his usual self.

   And it is quite amusing to watch the backgrounds in these episodes. There is always something happening or some interesting shop. So, everything is waiting to catch your attention.

   I love Mr. Bean. I just do. And to find out about an animated series was just lovely for me. I enjoy it so much. He's the greatest character I've ever seen, live and animated.


Producer ... Claudia Lloyd
Designer ... Steve Small
Director ... Alexei Alexeev

Executive Director ... Richard Purdum
Executive Producer ... Rowan Atkinson
Executive Producer ... Peter Bennett-Jones
Executive Producer ... Katherine Senior