better than in the middle

I still remember the moment I heard "One Headlight" on the radio. The goosebumps I felt when I heard Jakob Dylan's voice and his lyrics flowing with the music. I thought to myself, "This is so good."

The Wallflowers formed in 1989 and released their first album (self-titled) in 1992, but the album that would be their highest selling and best known would be Bringing Down The Horse released in 1996. They have released a total of six studio albums, coming out all pretty regularly until their last, which came after a seven year hiatus. But the wait was worth it, it always is with this band.

Dylan is a talented songwriter and his melodic voice captivated me straight away. In the beginning I remember him being known as "Bob Dylan's son" but I believe he has since proven his talent and become so much more than that. He is a truly gifted artist and I am so thankful for the years of music and memories they have provided me since high school.

The lineup has changed over the years but Jakob Dylan has always been at the heart of it and continues to write great music. The current members are Dylan and Stuart Mathis (2005-present). Previous members include Tobi Miller (guitar 19891995), Barrie Maguire (bass 19891993), Peter Yanowitz (drums 19901994), Rami Jaffee (keyboards 19902013), Greg Richling (bass 19932013), Mario Calire (drums 19952003), Michael Ward (guitar 19952001), Fred Eltringham (drums 20032011), and Jack Irons (drums 20122013).