about the film

The Unbelievable Truth is a dark comedy about a teenage girl's love affair with an ex-con who may or may not have killed someone...

Josh Hutton (Burke) returns from prison to his small hometown, where no one can quite remember what he did to be sent to prison in the first place. His crimes become exaggerated with each passing moment and each additional person added to it's telling.

Josh then meets Audry (Shelley). Audry's father ends up hiring him as a mechanic and Audry falls in love with him, much to her father's dismay.

This is an interesting and witty story, I loved it the first time I saw it. And for years after, I couldn't get the strong first impression of this masterpiece out of my head. It's amazing, well acted and entertaining. The characters become so real and so deep that you can't imagine a world without them. This is a truly intense and perfect piece of art.

The Cast:

Adrienne Shelly .... Audry Hugo
Robert Burke .... Josh Hutton
Chris Cooke .... Vic Hugo
Julia McNeal .... Pearl
Katherine Mayfield .... Liz Hugo

Gary Sauer .... Emmet
David Healy .... Todd Whitbread
Matt Malloy .... Otis (Driver/Bum)
Edie Falco .... Jane (The Waitress)
Jeff Howard .... Irate driver

Kelly Reichardt .... His Wife
Ross Turner .... Their Son
Paul Schultze .... Bill
Mike Brady .... Bob
Bill Sage .... Gus

The Crew:

Hal Hartley .... Director/Writer