about the fall

The Fall is a BBC television series starring Gillian Anderson, Jamie Dornan, Bronagh Waugh, and John Lynch. The series follows the hunt for a serial killer, while showing us the lives of the serial killer and the inspectors hunting him.

A Metropolitan Police Superintendant is brought in to help solve the crimes and review the investigation, Stella Gibson (portrayed by Gillian Anderson), seems cold and detached, but very focused on catching the killer.

We are also shown the killer, who is very warm and family oriented. In fact, it very well seems that he is the last person you would suspect, as always seems the case...

This show is very well told and intense, weaving an intricate tale of a loved family man who is actually a cold blooded murderer, and a cold detached inspector doing all she can to find him.

Gillian Anderson ... Stella Gibson
Jamie Dornan ... Paul Spector
Bronagh Waugh ... Sally Ann Spector
John Lynch ... Jim Burns
Niamh McGrady ... Danielle Ferrington
Sarah Beattie ... Olivia Spector
Aisling Franciosi ... Katie Benedetto
Emmett J Scanlan ... Glen Martin
Archie Panjabi ... Reed Smith
Stuart Graham ... Matt Eastwood