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Ron Swanson (portrayed by Nick Offerman) is a character from the television series Parks and Recreation. Ron is openly uncaring toward his coworkers and even after years of working and friendship with them will only go so far as to call them "workplace proximity acquaintances". But underneath it all he truly cares.

Ron is serious about his hate for government work and the role of the government in people's lives. He often discourages citizens and his corworkers against it, but he cannot deflate Leslie Knope's (Amy Poehler) enthusiasm and passion for it.

Ron also enjoys wood working and is a perfectionist, however, if something is too perfect he feels it resembles factory work and will destroy the piece and begin again. Ron is also passionate about breakfast foods, this is something he shares with Leslie. They love to frequent JJ's Diner and eat plenty.

Ron has two insane ex-wive's, both named Tammy, referred to as Tammy 1 and Tammy 2. He eventually meets a normal woman with two daughters, they marry and have a child. He leaves government work and starts his own business, The Very Good Building Company (didn't want it to be flashy) with his brothers who will not admit to having.

Ron might be my favorite character on Parks. As I was gathering quotes and photos of Ron, I seriously cracked up many times and wanted to watch the series again. Ron is perfection. Ron is manly. Ron is a man of few words, but he delivers them powerfully. Ron F@%king Swanson, I love you!