about rube sofer

Rube Sofer (portrayed by Mandy Patinkin) is the "boss" of the grim reaper crew, he hands out the post-it soul assignments: first initial, last name, place, and ETD (estimated time of death). He suffers his own demons, keeps them to himself, and follows and expects a firm set of rules.
(from my Dead Like Me fanlisting)

Rube has a haunted past. He once had a family, a wife and a daughter. It is never clearly said, but Rube may have lost his life during an illegal event such as a robbery. He clearly mourns his family. And he is eventually reunited with his daughter who is to die of old age.

Rube tries to be a father figure to Georgia and the others, while still being strict with the rules. If a reaper is not doing things properly he will let them know quickly and bluntly.

Rube is a strong character, who has a clear line of what is right and what is wrong. He stands up for himself and offers support to his fellow reapers. Although, he is a little brusk, he is very caring and intends to teach and offer advice.