about roxy harvey

Roxy Harvey (portrayed by Jasmine Guy) is a "no bullshit, tell it like it is" lady. She begins as a meter-maid and then goes through the academy and becomes a police officer. Although she is blunt, she cares and offers advice and clarity when her fellow reapers (and friends) are going through hard times. She is of amazing strength and character, and she won't stand down.
(from my Dead Like Me fanlisting)

Roxy appears to have a tough exterior and this carries her through her jobs as a meter maid and later a police officer. But she has a soft side and shows her caring nature to her fellow reaper friends and her reaps.

We learn how she had died when her "death anniversary" comes around. She pretends to be fine, but Rube knows better. We learn she was murdered for her accidental invention of leg warmers. (She is cutting something and accidentally cuts off the foot of a sock.)

Although Roxy appears to be harsh, she does her job well and with care. She shows affection to her friends and offers advice and helps when needed. She is an awesome lady.