about the band

I first learned about Ghost of the Robot after I watched the Buffy the Vampire musical episode "Once More With Feeling". I loved Spike's songs and singing voice... So I researched if actor James Marsters actually sang, and yes he did! :)

From my purchase of their first album Mad Brilliant, I have been hooked. They are an amazing band with a unique sound. I absolutely love James Marsters' voice. The lyrics and the music are fun and interesting, creating a feeling of new discovery, like something you haven't heard before. And that's refreshing because a lot of music sounds the same.

Ghost of the Robot formed in 2002, releasing their first album Mad Brilliant in 2003. The lead singer James Marsters (of Buffy the Vampire Slayer fame) was the initial reason for the band's success, gaining a following from Buffy fans first. But the band's talent and magnetic songs is what kept the fans and gained new ones.

The current members are: James Marsters (lead vocals/guitar), Charlie De Mars (guitar), Kevin McPherson (bass), Jordan Latham (drums), and Sullivan Marsters (guitar).

I absolutely love this band, as I'm sure many do, and I look forward to more of their amazing sounds.