about mason

Mason (portrayed by Callum Blue) is the questionable character of the bunch, who makes bad decisions and instead of the "straight and narrow" opts to choose the easy (and illegal) alternative. He gets into many bad situations this way, but he still has a good heart and tries to be there for his friends, often giving them what they need unexpectedly.
(from my Dead Like Me fanlisting)

Mason died of an overdose and is an addict in his reaper life. He often looks for the easy way to do things. He looks for ways to profit from deaths, and tires many schemes to come about money.

Despite his faults, he often wants to help people. Although, most times it doesn't work out the way he plans. He still continues to try. He does happen to learn some things from his reaps and grows a little wiser through these experiences as well.

Mason also tries Rube's patience. Rube is often reprimanding him for some action he has taken. He is often trying the patience of everyone in the reaper club, but they grow to be used to it and forgive him.

Mason possesses a child-like innocence mixed with very adult mistakes and actions. He muddles through life as a reaper, barely clinging at times, but at his core he is genuinely good and works to help others when he can.