about lalaloopsy

Lalaloopsy is a doll line released in 2010 by MGA Entertainment as "Bitty Buttons". The name was changed shortly after the release. These adorable dolls are plastic and patterned after rag dolls with button eyes.

There are several different characters, over 175, that come in different sizes and versions. But the line began with the "Original 8":

Bea Spells-A-Lot
Crumbs Sugar Cookie
Dot Starlight
Jewel Sparkles
Mittens Fluff 'n Stuff
Peanut Big Top
Pillow Featherbed
Spot Splatter Splash

complete list of characters

The dolls come in the original "large" size, littles (sisters/brothers), mini, and tinies. They also come in different versions, such as loopy hair, girls, silly party, sleepover, etc. My favorites are the minis. I have collected over 200 of them.

A television show was also developed and airs on Nickelodeon. There is a series, movies, and several specials that have been released. The show features several characters and focus on different issues and resolutions.

These dolls are very popular and absolutely adorable. As soon as I saw them I was in love. All the characters were so detailed and whimsical. They were just so cute, or "sew cute".