about the band


I first discovered Kane because of the Angel episode Dead End (S2.18) where Christian Kane's character Lindsey McDonald sings in Lorne's club. I loved the song he sang and looked up if he actually sang it. He did! I quickly purchased their self titled cd and their accoustic live cd. Both are amazing, and apparently selling for very high prices on Amazon...

Kane formed in 1998, with Christian Kane and Steve Carlson as it's founding and current members. Kane's music can be described as "outlaw country". Their songs range from fast, fun, and upbeat to slow, melodic, and emotional. And all songs are full of heart.

Christian Kane (actor/singer/amazing guy) is well known to Buffy/Angel fans as the attorney for the evil law firm Wolfram & Hart on the television show Angel. He also portrayed Eliot Spencer on TNT's Leverage and is currently starring in TNT's The Librarians as Jake Stone. He is a versatile and talented actor, but also an amazing musician/songwriter. In addition to his band albums, he has also released solo albums, but will be going back to London for another concert with Carlson.

Steve Carlson is a talented musician/songwriter who began music at a very young age. He began writing songs and playing with different bands when he was just 10 years old. He has won critic awards and his music is featured in many movie and television projects. He offers a very soulful sound and his albums capture a very pure emotion.

Together Christian and Steve create amazing music and are captivating performers. Their album Accoustic Live in London lets fans see their easy going nature and passion for music. Much love to these amazing guys!