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Tom Haverford (portrayed by Aziz Ansari) is a character from the television series Parks and Recreation. Tom has bigger dreams of entrepreneurship and isn't enthusiastic about his role in the government parks job. And he will need to own his own businesses to afford his expensive tastes and lavish lifestyle.

Tom is a hilarious character in this show, he is always quick to put his own spin and label on everyday things, such as food items, clothing, and attitudes. He gives opinions freely and is quick to inform how something is not hip or unnecessary.

He personifies confidence and determination but has doubts, but his friends are ready to support him and his dreams. They are all there to help open his first restaurant and supported his "Rent A Swag" business, which is so good another business owner schemes to own it.

I love Tom because he is so excited about life and he goes for his dreams. He is also able to bounce back from failures and do even better. He is a role model despite some of his self-centered ideals. And who doesn't want a "Treat Yo Self" day??