the player named gus

In the television series Psych, the story is set around a case being solved by childhood friends Shawn Spencer (fake psychic detective) and Burton "Gus" Guster (grown up with real job).

Gus aka Burton Guster aka MC Clap Yo Handz aka Ovaltine Jenkins aka... many many more, is Shawn's best friend and the level head in the pair. He was dragged into Shawn's scheme of being a psychic detective but eventually came to view this as his life's work and something he enjoyed and believed in.

Gus is a man of many talents (and nicknames) such as tap dancing, spelling, singing, and loving pluto. His luck with the ladies didn't always pan out, and when it did, Shawn became a bit childish. But Gus is resilient and always pulls out his "moves" and "pluto" line... no matter how many times he fails with it.

I love Gus because he is honest, true to himself and he doesn't apologize for it, he is the level head and intelligent influence in Shawn's life and he still goes along with all of Shawn's schemes and nicknames, even embracing them.