Rose Martin Lindstrom Nylund

portrayed by Betty White

Marital Status: Widow
Romantic Interests: Charlie Nylund, Miles Webber (aka Nicholas Carbone)
Employment: Grief Center receptionist, Hospital receptionist, Consumer Reporter
Claim to Fame: St. Olaf Stories

   The childlike innocence and naivite of Rose Nylund brings about many hilarious situations and dialogue. She is a good-hearted woman with a mean streak when it comes to competition. She was married to her husband for many years before he passed away after they had sex... which leads her to believe she is cursed, and is confirmed when a man dies in her bed again while living in Miami.

   Rose enjoys telling tales of her childhood and the people from her hometown, St. Olaf. Whenever her stories begin, a look of dread comes over everyone in the room. The only one who truly appreciates them is her longtime boyfriend, Miles. But the women she lives with endures them and sometimes something is learned.

   The most memorable moment I can recall when it comes to Rose is when she meets her father for the first time and learns he is a monk. It was nice to see a relationship forming there, and great of him to stand up for her when it comes to being hit in the head with a newspaper...

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