Dorothy "Pussycat" Petrillo Zbornak Hollingsworth

portrayed by Beatrice Arthur

Marital Status: Divorced, Remarried
Romantic Interests: Stanley Zbornak, Glen O'Brian, Lucas Hollingsworth
Employment: Teacher, Substitute Teacher
Claim to Fame: Harsh Sarcastic Humor

   The bitter sarcasm and intelligence of Dorothy Zbornak creates a lot of great interraction and dialogue between herself and her mother and her roommates. The harsh humor shared with her mother is always visiting certain subjects: teenage motherhood and her dating/looks. Dorothy keeps up with her mother by always keeping the Shady Pines threat available.

   Dorothy was married to her husband Stan for 38 years until one day he left her without a word and had his attorney break the news. She is able to say her piece on her daughter's wedding day, which is something she definitely deserved to do.

   The most memorable moment I can recall when it comes to Dorothy is when she confronts the doctor who misdiagnosed her Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. She showed all of her best characteristics and her strength and intelligence shined through.

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