Blanche Elizabeth Hollingsworth Devereaux

portrayed by Rue McClanahan

Marital Status: Widow
Romantic Interests: George Devereaux, Mel Buschman, among many many many others
Employment: Museum employee
Claim to Fame: Beauty, Sex, and Men, and the stories she tells about each.

   The devastating beauty and sexual humor of Blanche Devereaux makes for some very interesting stories, dialogues, and relationships. She is always ready to spin her tales of sexual adventure and highlight her beauty at every opportunity.

   But Blanche is more than beauty and sex appeal. She is intelligent and caring. She loves to give advice and help out her friends. She's always there to encourage her friends.

   The most memorable moment I can recall when it comes to Blanche is when her daughter goes into labor and she is her coach. Every superficial characteristic Blanche has is evident, but amazingly enough, her love and depth of character is visible as well. She really comes through for her daughter, and pushes aside her feelings to support her.

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