about the band

Everclear is an awesome alternative rock band I became aware of after their album So Much For the Afterglow was released and songs like Father of Mine, I Will Buy You A New Life, and Everything to Everyone hit the radio. I bought the album, which can be a risk. You think you like the band, but then don't end up liking more songs then what were released as singles on the radio... But this wasn't the case with Everclear. I loved all of the songs.

I loved their songs so much that I went back and bought their first and second albums too. And my favorite song came to be Santa Monica from their second album Sparkle and Fade. It's a beautiful song, that upon listening to it, is quite personal, and I interpreted it much differently than what it was written about. But I believe it still fits with addiction, but was written due to a suicide and attempted suicide.

Everclear has had some member changes. The forming members started out in 1991 in Portland, Oregon. Art Alexakis (lead vocals, songwriter, guitarist), Craig Montoya (bass guitar), and Greg Eklund (drums). After the great success of the 3rd, 4th, and 5th albums, the sales weren't there for the next albums, and Craig and Scott left the band. Art picked up with new members: Dave French, Freddy Herrera, Josh Crawley, and Sean Winchester.

Despite the lineup changes, the band still puts out awesome music and I continue to love their work. The songs are very raw and emotional, and speak to life experiences that may be interpreted to mean what you need.