About Robert De Niro

Robert De Niro is a legendary actor, one of the best actors of all time. He has been in many memorable roles throughout his career and is still going strong. He is amazing in every role and provides great life to the movies he is in.

I feel he has a "niche" as a mobster character type, not to say that he has ever been typecast, because he has definitely expanded to very different roles, but he plays this role with such ease and finesse it's almost scary!

I loved him in many films; from his Italian mobster in "Goodfellas" to his turn as a viscious killer in "Cape Fear" to his comedic roles in the "Meet The Parents" series and "The Intern". But I think the two films to first spark my interest in his acting was Goodfellas and Cape Fear. I had seen them when I was a young high schooler and got swept up in his role and the films as well. I rewatched these two films several times, never tiring of them.

Mr. De Niro definitely made a lifelong impact on me and countless others, I'm sure. His contribution to film and acting is one that will make a lasting impression for decades to come.