(warning!!! spoilers follow)

Californication is a television show that ran for 7 seasons from 2007-2014 on Showtime. It starred David Duchovny as a sex addict with an on-again off-again relationship with his baby mama, who he is completely in love with, but can't seem to get it together enough to keep her for long.

Throughout the series, Duchovny's character Hank Moody works through writer's block, having written an amazing novel entitled God Hates Us All. His beloved book is turned into a horrid romantic comedy, much to Hank's displeasure. He blames the director and gets him back by sleeping wtih his wife.

Hank's true love and baby mama Karen, portrayed by Natascha McElhone, becomes fed up with Hank's distance before any of his "sexcapades" begins, and cheats with a client, who she intends to marry in the first season of the show.

Also, involved in the mix, is their daughter, Becca, portrayed by Madeleine Martin, who grows from a young naive punk rock guitar player, to a mature woman making her way in the world. She is often at a loss over her father, and pleads with him to grow up.

Hank has an agent, Charlie Runkle, played by Evan Handler who has marital and employment problems of his own. Charlie's wife Marcy, portrayed by Pamela Adlon is a best friend to Karen, and also a great comedic relief to the show. Charlie gets in hot water with Marcy, his boss, and Hank, himself after some decision making that enhances Charlie's career but betrays Hank.

Over the course of this black comedy television show, we witness the growth and find our favorite couples once estranged, reuinted. And yes, it feels so good! This show, although filled with mature content, entertains, and develops great characters and relationships that cause growth and maturity even among the most childish.