T H E    S H O W

Broadchurch is a British television show that first aired in 2013 and finished Season 2 this year (or Series 2) and is scheduled for a Season 3 (Series 3). This crime drama series centers around the murder of a young boy in a small coastal town.

The first series involved the investigation of the murder with multiple suspects, but the final suspect floored me, I did not see that one coming! The second series followed the murderer's trial, surprising many he ended up pleading not guilty despite his confession and communication to his attorney that he would be pleading guilty.

During the second series, the detectives also revisit and solve an old case involving the lead detective. This also played out similarly to the first case, only there were only three chief suspects and it was more about getting them to admit the truth.

There were many plots in and around the case in both seasons, but all of the story and acting were strong. Although the show progressed a little slower than most American crime dramas, it was still exciting to me and in some ways much better.

The lead detectives were well suited for their roles and despite a rocky beginning, ended up becoming great colleagues and supporters of one another. I don't know what will occur in the 3rd series, but I'm sure it will be as exciting and interesting as the first two. Fabulous show!