about ... burt & johnny & andy

Andy Dwyer (portrayed by Chris Pratt) is an adorable, sweet, slightly dim, loveable, funny character in the television series Parks and Recreation. He is first introduced into the series as the boyfriend of Ann Perkins (Rashida Jones) who falls into a pit and breaks his leg.

This situation introduces the couple to the Parks and Recreation Department in the city of Pawnee. Much of the first season of the show is devoted to fixing this dangerous pit and from this we are introduced to a crazy array of characters and an amazing television show.

Although it seems that Andy begins as a side character, he soon becomes a central character and develops depth and we get to know him, his passions, and his alter ego, Burt Macklin (FBI) and later he turns his passion for music into a television show called Johnny Karate.

Andy and Ann break up early in the series, but Andy soon falls for April Ludgate (Aubrey Plaza), an intern in the parks department, who is more his style and is always down for his antics and even participates and creates her own.

Andy always brings laughs and adventure to the show. And his character is so honest and sweet that you can't help but love him. Although he appears somewhat dumb, he is still very intuitive about people and their needs. He has come up with many solutions despite some mistakes.