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Danny & Jordan & Jon & Joey & Donnie, NKOTB

New Kids on the Block, to me, marked the first modern boy band experience, and would set the bar very high for everyone who came after them.

Screaming girls, riots, sold-out back to back tours, merchandise in every format you could imagine, with five boys from Boston at its center.

Thank you New Kids on the Block. Thank you Jordan. Thank you Donnie. Thank you Joey. Thank you Danny. Thank you Jon. You have meant the world to me, thank you for coming back.

I was very excited when Jordan and Joey released their solo albums in 1999. I researched and followed their careers and purchased their albums. I loved their music and was glad to have another piece of New Kids with me... I also followed Danny's solo career and liked that he departed from the pop dance and went for the alt rock. His music is very different from the New Kids and both Jordan and Joey, but you can really see Danny and his talent, which is nice.

Unlike other boy bands that followed, the New Kids actually played instruments. And they would be involved in songwriting and producing. And you can see that talent wihin them more clearly when they ventured out into their solo efforts, either in music or television.

All in all New Kids on the Block meant a lot to their fans, only to be smeared by critics. But in the end they came back for their love of music and for their fans. And we responded big time, and the feeling of them being back together is something that made my day, year, and life and I didn't even expect it!