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Jordan Nathaniel Marcel Knight, b. May 17, 1970

You've all read the same bios for Mr. Jordan Knight, a million times over, I'm sure. So this page is a little different. His quick stats are at the bottom of the page, the birthday, parentage, children, wife, etc. But up here, it's going to be a little more personal, to me, that is...

I am a married woman. But when I was 11 years old Jordan Knight was my everything. He was my first crush, lead singer in my first favorite band, New Kids on the Block, and forever the most handsome man I could imagine :)

And I can only describe it as childhood innocence, where the whole world was laid out before you and nothing was impossible. Anything that happened during this time will take you back to that feeling inside of you. And I am finding that the things I was truly passionate about are the strongest ties to that time. NKOTB was the biggest thing going, and if you weren't one of those screaming fans, you won't understand. But that time touched me more deeply than I realized and now that they have gotten back together, released another album, and gone on another tour, I am feeling a way I never thought I would again.

Jordan is my favorite New Kid. Every girl had a fave, and he was mine. He was the lead on most songs, he has the strongest voice, and he is the cutest ;) But years later I would discover that the band would have had it a completely different way and you can see that in its present day tour and album. Now they share the lead in a lot of songs, and there are more Donnie and Joey leads, it's nice to see them in charge of their music.

Jordan... He is amazingly talented, having musical talent in voice, instrument (piano), and writing (I'll Be Your Everything etc.). Jordan and the NKOTB will always and forever have a place all their own in my heart :) His songs surprised and amazed me. I fell in love with his solo career as much as I did his New Kids career. He definitely has the power to stand on his own, the critics were wrong about the New Kids, but we knew that all along...

Jordan Knight Facts:

Birth Name: Jordan Nathaniel Marcel Knight
Born: May 17, 1970, Worcester, MA
Parents: Allan Knight and Marlene Putman
Married: Evelyn Melendez, Sept 12, 2004
Children: Dante Jordan, Aug 25 1999, and Eric Jacob, Feb 21 2007